Saturday, June 4, 2011


I knew this film existed, but I had completely forgotten about it, much like everything else that Kate Hudson has done. When I saw it on HBO tonight, I at first thought it might be some demon chick horror/comedy. For some reason, I pictured Debi Mazar in a skin-tight dress, because my mind is a strange, dark place. Instead, I see Kate Hudson’s older sister dying horribly and the two Breslin children (one of whom is Oscar-nominated, because the world is a strange, dark place) pretending to be related to Hayden Panettiere. I sat through the entire thing (Again: Strange. Dark. Place.) and thought I would post a few comments about why it might fit in with the rest of the entries on this blog.

It stars Kate Hudson at her shrilliest.

And I bestow the crappy romantic
comedy crown to you, young padawan.

It begins with the death of an attractive, young couple.

Actually, it was a car accident

In one scene, a next-door-neighbor wields a baseball bat and goes to town on some high school partiers.

It stars an attractive, blonde woman who chooses love over her jet-setting career (as a secretary?). And her love interest is John Corbett, who suits up and plays some hockey.

He's like a living Disney character

Joan Cusack brings her unique brand of quirk in the role of the older sister.

Please tell me she has a gay following.

Sure, a bunch of other stuff happens that is neither gay nor horrific, and sure this is one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year, but it proves an interesting point: you can find horror wherever you go, if you only know where to look. It just helps if you’re looking in the general direction of a shrieking Kate Hudson.

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