Thursday, September 22, 2011


The brand-spanking new remake/prequel/future-pile-of-money The Thing 2: Die! Darkman! Die! is coming out soon. The trailers have been all over the place, and they look pretty awesome. Sure, it will probably rely too much on CGI, and it also looks like it errs on the side of action over horror… But a crappy Thing is still better than no Thing at all. (Maybe. Ask the Cat in the Hat.) So despite all my reservations, I will be at the premiere with bells on… Because I really want to make loud jingling noises that disrupt the movie-going experience.

That said, there is no way this film is going to outdo the original. There is just no way. The original is one of the most perfect movies I’ve ever seen. And I’m always wary of remakes, because I’m afraid that even if they’re good, they will erase the original’s memory from future generations, and I do not want that happening. So please rewatch this film as often as you can, especially now that the new one is coming out. It’s your duty.

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