Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wait. That cannot be right.
Look at all those award and
film festival logos
at the top of the poster.
That is not the right movie...

Ah, that is better. No awards.
Just a poorly worded blurb
from Aint It Cool News.
This has to be the right poster.

So this movie kicks ass. I am just going to come out and say it. From our main character in total Sarah Connor mode, to the way Mia Kirschner yanks out teeth just to suck out some mouth blood, this movie is a total love letter to the fans of the original (and there are quite a few of us). It is not quite as wall-to-wall invigorating as the original, it is still a consistently cool 92 minutes.

If you catch this playing on Syfy while you lounge around the house, give it a chance. It may be Hartnet-less, but who needs the Hartnet when you have this much fake blood to oogle at!

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