Thursday, December 15, 2011


The Resurrected is an H. P. Lovecraft movie from Dan O’Bannon, the mad genius who worked on Return of the Living Dead and Dark Star. It isn’t quite a horror-comedy, but it definitely has a healthy sense of humor about itself.

The film involves a Frankenstein-like character, played by Chris Sarandon. At the beginning of the film, he looks like himself, a dashing movie actor with good teeth.

Eventually, Mr. Sarandon is replaced by an ancient wizard who coincidentally looks exactly like him, except with awful teeth and bad skin.

The entire movie is a strange thrill ride with a strong Raymond Chandler vibe. The main character, a PI played by Jack’s dad on Lost, does the kind of voiceover that can either make or break a movie like this. I enjoyed it. 

Perhaps the most welcome surprise is that the film has some awesome creature effects and nasty gore. There are dead bodies involved, of course, but the story takes some weird turns that involve human-like creatures and beasts and other goodies that H. P. Lovecraft invented.

It is a fun film from a time when special effects didn’t involve computers. Things were more natural, more gloopy, and a lot more fun.

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