Saturday, January 28, 2012


THE BERMUDA DEPTHS is a late-70s TV movie directed by one of the Rankin-Bass stopmotion guys. It is a live action horror fantasy about a mystery woman who just walks out of the ocean and all the mystical hoo-hah that entails. I do not know why this film got under my skin the way it did. The tone is a little slow and off, and the music is weird in a way that only 70s soundtracks could be. It feels like the ultimate hang-out-on-the-beach movie, with a strangely violent climax. I would not call it a good movie, but it mystified me in a way that more legitimately good movies never could. I was able to watch it all on Youtube before it was unceremoniously removed due to stupid things like copyright law. If you ever get the opportunity, check it out and get lost in the strange rhythms of this singular film.

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