Sunday, January 8, 2012


MYTHOLOGY: Doesn’t like certain kinds of metal. Obsessed with finding a wife. Really, really old.

BEST MAKE-OUT SCENE: The leprechaun licks his new wife on the face. That’s how Irishmen say hello. Best tongue scene since Freddy Krueger in Nightmare 1.

VERDICT: I frequently skip over this one in my re-viewing habits, but it’s just as funny, goofy, and scary as the first one. Warwick Davis seems to be having the time of his life, even if the other actors are uniformly awful.

The LA setting is actually an improvement over the single barn from part one, expanding the scope of the story and making everything feel more important somehow. (Sort of like the change in epic-ness from Critters 1 to Critters 2 or Alien to Aliens.)

The Leprechaun-finding-a-wife storyline was cheesy fun, but I’m glad they dropped it for future installments. I’d rather not think about the mechanics of that situation.

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