Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I decided to start this year off right. Since I have a few days off to spend lazing around and basking in the glow of holy-crap-it's-already-2012, I thought I would spend the first few days of the Mayan death-year watching one of my favorite horror franchises back-to-back: LEPRECHAUN!

Now, I know I've talked about several of these films before (particularly the last few sequels that frankly were not my favorites), but I wanted to take a look at the franchise as a whole and try to see what new insights I can draw from movies I've seen dozens of times before. Will I change my tune? Probably. I switch my opinions on these movies faster than Warwick Davis can jump on a pogo stick. So join me for the next few days as we relive the exploits of everyone's favorite mini-killer, Chucky! I mean, Leprechaun!

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