Thursday, February 2, 2012


SCREAMTIME is a presumably British horror anthology from the 80s that should have been cheesy and forgettable, but somehow rises above its ambitions by interesting plot twists, good acting, and lots of respect for the target audience. The last point is illustrated by the fact that the framing devise involves people hanging out and watching rented VHS videos from a random mom-and-pop store. Brownie points right there!

Just the word CASSETTES makes me happy.

The stories are not particularly revolutionary, especially the killer puppeteer segment that opens the movie. But holy crap did I find myself wrapped up in the story. I thought the old man was very sympathetic, the accents were charming, and the puppet was the requisite amount of creepy.

The level of blood and violence was also way up, so points for that. But by far my favorite moment in the film was the twist ending to the haunted house story. Brutal, unexpected, and so so good. You can check this one out on Netflix Instant. Be patient, though, because each of the three stories (puppets, haunted houses, elves) has something new to offer.

A body. Of course.


  1. Hey Evan, just wanted to let you know that Viewer Vomit is coming back if you wanted to participate again. Right now there's a vote for either House (1986) or Tokyo Gore Police. After that's done, I'll set the deadline for the reviews.


    1. Yes, I had seen that post from last week, and I totally plan to participate. I just didn't have any good suggestions. But with those two choices, I vote for House. Absolutely House.