Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite was a Japanimation series from the 1980s. Nuff said. That sentence alone will tell you whether you want to watch it or not. I am not much of a fan of that style of animation, and this particular show seemed aimed entirely at females who love bright colors and horses. Fun fact: I have a legitimate phobia of horses. I am afraid that they’ll kick me in the face.
Despite the fact that this show is obviously not for me, for some reason Netflix kept recommending the Rainbow Brite TV movie about star-stealers or something. Anyway, I buckled and decided to check it out.
Then, for the next hour and a half, I half-watched this movie. The entire thing. I wasn’t doing anything else. I was just watching it. And I must have been inside some kind of rainbow-triggered trance, because I don’t remember a single thing that happened. Five minutes after the movie ended, I didn’t remember anything. Sure, I had little snippets here and there, like the bitchy evil princess talking to herself and the Boobah-looking creatures. But other than that, nothing.
Seriously, some things are just not meant for me. This is one of them.

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