Saturday, February 25, 2012


Just because I enjoy a good disembowelment or two, doesn’t mean I don’t watch Oscar movies when the timing is right. I’m gay. Of course I follow the Oscar race. It’s the gay Super Bowl. Of course I’m going to be watching the show tonight and rooting for all my favorites. (If the Muppets don’t win for best song…) Of course I’m going to have people over. Of course I’m going to pass out ballots for everyone to fill out. That’s just something my people do.

As such, I’ve seen as many of the best pictures nominees as I possibly could. In one glorious weekend, I caught showings of The Artist, The Descendants, War Horse, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. (I also saw Chronicle, but that won’t get nominated for anything until next year. When it will sweep all categories because of awesomeness.) I saw The Help on a plane. I missed that Woody Allen one (not a fan) and Tree of Life (because holy crap that looked boring). I had no desire to see Moneyball, despite its steady stream of Pitt. I also saw Hugo with my family, because none of my friends wanted to see a kid’s movie.

While I found a little something to like in each of the movies (except Extremely Loud, because that was offensively manipulative), I’m really hoping that The Artist takes as many awards as it can. It’s the whole package. It’s a singular cinematic experience with great acting, a movie story, and style to spare. I wouldn’t be upset if Hugo or Descendants grab a few of the extra awards, but the best picture just HAS to go to Artist. In a movie year without a good Pixar movie, this was hands down the most beautiful and moving thing I saw.

That said, I’m hoping Descendants gets the original screenplay award, because I really want to see Jim Rash win an Oscar.

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