Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Truth Or Dare?

Happy Tuesday! Here's another awful VHS summary. This comes from the 1986 slasher Truth Or Dare?, one of the most notorious video nasties I have had the pleasure of sitting through. Here is what the video box says:
It’s Time To Play TRUTH OR DARE? A Critical Madness
(The question mark makes everything seem less scary, somehow.)
Meet Mike Strauber. He plays a deadly game. He plays Truth or Dare with everyone…even himself.
Truth Or Dare, a child’s game turned into a psychotic, twisted game of self-destruction. This non-stop psycho-thriller packed with action will assault you personally. Mike Strauber, played brilliantly by John Brace, formerly of the Burt Reynolds Playhouse, brings you to the edge of your seat with passionate understanding coupled with unbridled hatred. If anyone ever asks you to play Truth Or Dare… tell them you’ve seen the movie.

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