Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am not sure what the picture is meant to be.
It looks like a floating drumstick with feet.

HUMONGOUS is an early eighties (1982) slasher flick set on a deserted island, where a young woman raises her baby (the product of a sexual assault) to go around murdering people. The baby is now a Jason Voorhees-type mutant, and he has a lot of killing to do once a group of horny teens sneak onto his land.

I wanted to enjoy this film. I really did, but when the plot hinges on an opening rape scene, it takes away all the goofy fun for the rest of the movie. It is like watching The Hangover right after Million Dollar Baby. No matter how much you like Zach Galifianakis, you cant laugh because you keep thinking about poor Hilary Swank and her spinal cord.

That said, there was plenty of beefcake in the form of young, blonde guys wandering around trying to solve the mystery of the island.

Like this guy, the Laurence Olivier of the bunch.

What were some of the clues they found, you might ask. Skulls, a giant crib, footprints, basically every possible hint that there was a psycho mutant baby all grown up and really to kill.

I found this skull right next to some baby toys.
I got it! Skeleton babysitters!

Even though it takes the group a ludicously long time to realize that they are getting murdered one by one, the movie still kept my attention. This was probably because their little island setting was oozing with atmosphere.

Cool house. Too bad the cameraman
forgot to steady his tripod before filming.

Plus, there were plenty of deaths. Not particularly memorable deaths, but deaths nonetheless. Besides, what they lacked in quality they made up for in quantity.

And overacting.

However, my biggest (non-rape) gripe with the film is that it was so freaking dark. Now, I understand that horror movies need nighttime and shadows and all that. But when the sun sets and these teenagers start getting murdered, it was almost like those scenes in Scooby Doo where you cant see anything besides eyeballs.

Thankfully the director liked to shine a
light on the back of the murderer.s head.
At least its a start. And at least he
did better than the tripod guy.

Still, for a movie with some many scenes involving people jumping out of the background, it would be nice if we SAW the background half the time.


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  2. Wow, my friend. Thanks a lot. That Irresistibly Sweet Award is freaking hilarious. I bet whoever invented it had no idea that it would eventually end up in the horror blogosphere. :)

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