Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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This installment of the franchise is the last time we get to see the entire crew of the original series (minus Janice Rand, because history has forgotten her). It’s all about the end of the Cold War, and it includes a Shakespeare quote every other scene.

Wherefore art thou, KHAAAAAAN?

Personally, this is my second favorite movie in the series, beaten only by part four and all its nuclear “wessels.”

Oh how I love whales and time-travel.

But you don’t come to this blog to read my half-assed captions and pseudo-jokes about Shakespeare. You come here to find out if horror and sci-fi movies are of interest to gay viewers. Well, I know Lieutenant Sulu has a large gay following, and in this film he’s actually the captain of his own ship.

Oh. Myyyyy.

But perhaps more importantly, we have Grace Jones vamping it up as a hyper-sexual shape-shifter who seduces a bunch of people because she can. If that sentence were any gayer, I’d have to type in pink font.

Ever heard the song “Slave to the Rhythm”? Holy. Crap.

We also have a young(ish) Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall herself) as a Vulcan replacement to Kirstie Alley, who was presumably too busy getting beamed aboard Xenu’s spacecraft to participate.

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Slight improvement, huh?

I assume Ms. Catrall has a gay following because of her role in the one piece of entertainment that every gay man can agree upon:

I bet you were expecting Sex and the City.

But the main reason you should see this film is Grace Jones. She is a goddess among men. And shape-shifters.

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