Monday, January 16, 2012


Tonight is the season premiere of the American version of Being Human, the Syfy channel show that offers the steadiest stream of supernatural beefcake. (Sorry, Warehouse 13.) From the previews, it looks like the werewolf and the vampire get to do a lot of angsty craziness as usual, whereas the ghost is still mopey.

I am particularly excited to see the return of Sam Huntington as Josh, our resident werewolf-slash-puppy-dog. I mean, look at those eyes:

I have been a fan of this guy since his role as Mimi-siku in the Tim Allen-vehicle Jungle 2 Jungle. (The 90s was a simpler time.) And while I have since grown out of my love for that movie, the same cannot be said for Sam, who has been a great screen presence in movies like Not Another Teen Movie, Superman Returns, and the woefully underappreciated Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

So show your appreciation and check out the premiere of Being Human. At the very least, you will get some TV-friendly werewolf violence.

Seriously. Can we just Photoshop that ghost out of there...

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