Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sometimes (but not often) I watch movies that aren’t even tangentially related to horror. I usually walk away disappointed and queasy. Today I saw Yogi Bear.

The only thing of gay interest about this film is the accidentally homoerotic poster released to every theater in America. Personally, it didn’t really jump out at me.

They’re bears, get it?

As for the movie itself, no bromances… no accidental homoeroticism… not even any strong female characters (though Anna Faris is peachy, as always). Just a whole lot of by-the-numbers nonsense about saving the forest. As if kids needed another movie to teach them that the environment is good and businessmen are bad.

And Robin Williams should not rap.

I don’t recommend this film. Not even for Justin Timberlake’s voice.

That’s just a waste.

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