Monday, October 3, 2011


Dear Horror Movies,

Why do you send your characters into space during the fourth installment? I'm talking to you, Critters, Leprechaun, and Hellraiser. Your first two installments are the best. And your third, while not as good, adds some new blood into the equation by changing the setting to the big city. But your fourth installment decides to throw up its hands and shout, "You know what? Space? Why not?"

Now, this is not a letter of complaint. I am a fan of all of these franchises. And in the case of Leprechaun and Hellraiser, the fourth film is certainly not the worst in the series. But I'm just wondering, did the three of you get together and decide to screw with us? Did Pinhead call an executive meeting and brainstorm ideas about where to go with number 4? "Cancun, the North Pole, summer camp... Nah. Let's try space? That's the ticket!"

I can't think of anything as weirdly specific as this trend. And I can only imagine how other franchises would manage the same premise (Sleepaway Camp, Saw, The Howling). Just the thought of The Howling in Space gives me goosebumps. (In space, no one can hear you howl.) They could have it take place on the moon, and then werewolves would constantly be in their wolf forms. Also, they'd fight astronauts. And maybe there would be a giant space spider like in Leprechaun 4.

So, thanks, Hellraiser, Critters, and Leprechaun for planting that idea in my head. Now I can't unthink it.


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