Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm not sure what country this poster is from...
but apparently Critters is a word in their language.

The Critters franchise has an interesting relationship with Titanic (the movie, not the ill-fated vessel, though I have seen part four, so maybe it has a little in common with the ill-fated vessel). As you are already aware, the third installment introduces Leonardo DiCaprio to the movie-going public. And now this film, which stars the red-haired doctor from latter-day ER, introduces the career of Titanic villain Billy Zane back before he looked like an evil genie. (Seriously. Google this man.) I'm half-expecting to see a Celine Dion cameo in Critters 2 where she pounds her chest and acts all Canadian.

Aside from that strange coincidence, I would like to say that this movie is a lot of fun. Mr. Zane offers some much-needed beefcake while rolling around in a barn, and the proceedings are campy enough to keep the gay kids happy. Is it on the level of Gremlins? Nope. Ghoulies? Sure. Munchies? Naw, this is waaay above Munchies. But when viewing the weird mini-genre of 80s-era horror-comedies about little creatures that attack small towns, this is definitely one of the most fun installments. (It also continues the Gremlins tradition of having a young kid be best friends with a fully grown adult male, just because. That's not a knock against the film; it's just a weird little trend.)

Check this out. It's a cozy little blast of cheese. And yeah, that was a weirdly phrased sentence.

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