Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CRITTERS 2: The Main Course

Critters 2: The Main Course is my all-time favorite Critters movie, which is like calling someone the World's Tallest Midget. This entire series is built around one basic question: How much money can we make ripping off Gremlins?

Answer: more than these jackasses.

These movies are not good. And yet, every one of them (even the installment that Leonard DiCaprio has tried to destroy every copy of) is so, so much fun to watch. This one, number 2, is probably the most fun. Exhibit A: A man wearing a bunny costume gets eaten alive from the inside out and his dying body stumbles into a church full of families. God bless America.

And let us take a moment to honor Eddie Deezen, otherwise known as this guy:

Eddie here is one of the few actors to appear in both Grease and Grease 2: The Squeakquel. He is such a bright spot in some horrid films, and here, he just knocks it out of the park.

Also, there is a truly great Freddy Krueger cameo. And as you all know, a little Freddy goes a long way.

All-in-all, this film is much more of a comedy than the first one, especially once all the critters morph together into a giant ball of critter. They are like real-life Pokemon, and that is surely a scary thought. Please watch.

Or else...

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